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Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

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  • Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

    We had 2 DC's on W2K3 servers (let's call them server1 and server2). We placed 2 extra DC's to replace them (server3 and server4).
    DC-server2 is demoted succesfully and all the FSMO's from both server1 and server2 where transferred succesfully to the new DC's.

    Server1 is still in production while the DFS fileservice is still running on it.
    So now it is a plain DC without any FSMO role.

    When people login, everything seems to work fine except when their logonserver is server1. Then all of a sudden Windows XP is throwing an error saying that it cannot load the roaming profile and errors like "Cannot find domain or domain could not be contacted" or something like that.

    But when their logonserver is server3 or server4, it seems to work fine.

    We did not want to demote server1 right now as there will be a point of no return when it comes to the DFS which also runs on server1.
    And I wish to do the things step by step.

    So, unexperienced in DHCP/DNS and only had M2279 as background, we tried to alter the DNS records killing any SVR record pointing to server1.
    Any record about _kerebos/_ldap/etc. we deleted.
    Ofcourse... they came back after replication.

    So, okay, small intervention step is the firewall activated on server1.
    Blocking port 389 should kill LDAP and it almost seem to work.
    Except a lot of other things were coming up like trouble with GPO's and some client desktops not getting their distributed software thru AD. Complaining ofcourse that the domain could not be reached. (Ok, firewall worked hehehe!)

    So let us skip the bad ideas with the firewall, I turned it off. But still keeps me with the problem that server1 is bugging me with not loading roaming profiles.

    We are about to migrate the DFS (for which I also have a question, but will post that seperately).

    What can I expect?

    When I finaly demote server1 and kill it entirely, will I get rid of these errors?
    Or will all hell break loose as there is no server1 anymore?
    Is there a quick fix for this or do I have (or better said, the clients) to be patient after migrating the DFS and demoting/killing server1?

    Thanks for any reply!

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    Re: Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

    Here may be the perfect application of a post from earlier today on how a logon server is chosen. Seems there are 2 registry parameters that decide which DC is the %LOGONSERVER%:

    Originally posted by rvalstar View Post

    looks like it's proportionally random based on weight and priority.

    Certainly worth examining the registry values and seeing if some controlled tweaking is in order.
    Look at that Technet URL which has 2 links at the bottom to change the registry and try a weight of weight of 0 and a priorty of 65535 for server1.


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      Re: Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

      Thanks for that, I will reboot the server friday late and see what happens.


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        Re: Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

        Is the SYSVOL shared and available on the server1 ?
        Is \\server1\SYSVOL\<domain fqdn>\Policies folder there ? Is it populated ?

        Are there any errors in server1's event logs ?
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          Re: Roaming profile error after migrating DC's

          They are all there.. I think it fails because it is the fileserver as well and it is left with 8% space on the disks...