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Reading info from Active Directory using LDAP

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  • Reading info from Active Directory using LDAP

    Hi There,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've been digging around a bit this morning using Google, Wikipedia and this site/forum but i'm still a bit stuck about a problem I've been having with LDAP and Active Directory. Am I right in thinking that LDAP is the set of protocols used to read information from Active Directory?

    The reason I ask is we have a digital sender which has the ability to send straight to E-Mail. One of our users has requested a copy of our Exchange Global address list on the sender itself which from it's configuration utility looks straight forward enough. You specify an LDAP server Bind method in which i've chosen "Windows (SPNEGO) then after that you supply it with your username, password, domain, IP address of the server and a Port number. I know my Credentials and the IP of the server is correct, the default port to use is 389 which from what I've read seems to be correct but it says the specified server isn't running LDAP which made me wonder if there is something I have to do to enable this method of access?

    Our Domain controllers are all running Windows Server 2003 and the domain/forest functional level is set to 2003.



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    Re: Reading info from Active Directory using LDAP

    LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and in the case of AD is used to access/read/modify information stored in AD.
    LDAP is used by all DCs and network clients (W2K and up) - there is no need to enable it on DCs - it's already available.

    Could you please post the exact names of fields you have to fill in ? It might be that you have some fields populated incorrectly, hence the errors you get.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: Reading info from Active Directory using LDAP

      Many thanks for your reply.

      There are basically two boxes in the configuration options. One has the heading "Accessing the LDAP Server". The options beneath are:

      - LDAP Server Bind Method (Anonymous, SSL, Windows (SPNEGO), Simple)
      - User Name
      - Password
      - Domain
      - LDAP Server: (requests IP)
      - Port no. (already filled in with port 389)

      I've chosen Windows (SPNEGO) for authentication. I know the credentials are good, the IP of the server is correct and I've left the port at default.

      The other box is "Searching the Database". This has the following fields:

      - A button titled "Find Settings"
      - Search Root
      - Find entries with LDAP attribute (options for cn, uid, sn, givenName)

      I've specified a search root of "OU=xx, OU=xx, DC=xx, DC=xx". I've chosen to use the "cn" attribute but i think the settings on this side are, at the moment at least, irrelevant as when I click the "Find Settings" box i get the following error message:

      "Unable to determine settings for the following reason(s):

      The specified LDAP server is invalid or is not running LDAP"

      The error message was what made me think that LDAP was something I would have to enable on the servers. Unfortuantely the documentation that came with the sender is terrible and gives virtually no pointers as to what information the fields should contain. The troubleshooting for the above error message just says to ensure the server is running LDAP.