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  • site and services - setup help

    we current have 3 servers on our network (2 file servers / dns / dhcp / ad + 1 exchange /ad /dns)

    our setup is

    router -

    s1 -
    s2 -
    s3 -

    BUT.. our company have just open a remote office, so we have built a new server for this office and setup as fileserver / dns / dhcp / ad (initially I have set the server up with the ip address

    The two offices are being connected by to routers (using vpn endpoint)

    In sites and services I renamed the first site ect.. to midlands and added Scotland.then I set up subnets as


    After this the new server ip address was changed to (though the gateway was left as to test in the same office

    From the new server I was unable to browse to \\s1 , is this because im using the wrong gateway setting (unable to change until move to new office) or because ive set something else up wrong

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    Re: site and services - setup help

    If your IP address is / 24 and your gateway is / 24 then they are on seperate subnets and thus cannot see each other. You can confirm this by pinging your gateway ( - It should timeout

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      Re: site and services - setup help

      that what i thought. but is this the right setup once the server is moved

      (with the exception that router for scotland will be (i.e the right gateway address))

      will the two locations see each other? (when linked via vpn on the router)


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        Re: site and services - setup help

        Make sure you add the DC to the proper site.

        Also, you may want to brush up on IP networking

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