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Modify Global Address List

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  • Modify Global Address List

    I have exchange server 2003 SP2 and all my clients using Outlook 2003, when composing a new mail and press the TO: button, I want to change the GAL displayed to show more columns such as: Manager, Department,...
    also I want to change the order of the column displayed.
    can you help me?

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    Re: Modify Global Address List

    Why not use different OU's to organise your users into the groups you mentioned and they will then show up in the Global Address List under the particular group. If you have any question then please let me know.


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      Re: Modify Global Address List

      First of all, thanks 4 yr reply, second, my users already distributed in OUs based on thier divisions, but when we send an email we got the whole list of users in order, I want to change this order and to add some other columns which are not displayed like department, manager's name.
      I guss I have to modify the AD attributes, but I don't know how to do it.


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        Re: Modify Global Address List


        i never changed some GAL settings...

        but i found with google

        How to use the GAL Modify tool

        and there are alot more results in google...

        i hope this helps...

        another thing i have to say...
        while reading the results i see that some changes that you make to the GAL only applys to new mailboxes not old ones...
        and they say if you have to change the GAL do it right after the exchange installation...

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