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FSMO server Failure Windows 2000 Server

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  • FSMO server Failure Windows 2000 Server


    I have a domain with 3 windows 2000 domain controllers. The FSMO role holder failed and wont start. I have a full backup of the Server including the system state. Would it be ok to restore the original FSMO server with the system state and O/S or do I need to seize the FSMO roles from another server and just reinstall the previous server from scratch and let replicaiton occur.
    If I restore from backup the original FSMO role holder, is there any other procedure I need to do? If i seize the roles on another server then I understand I need to clean the previous one out using ntdsutil, before bringing back on line.
    Any guidelines on this would be really helpful.



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    Re: FSMO server Failure Windows 2000 Server

    If you don't intend to replace hardware and you have a valid full backup including the system state, just perform a non authoritative backup.
    It is the easiest way to solve the issue.
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      Re: FSMO server Failure Windows 2000 Server

      thanks for the input. Is there anything that needs to be configured before doing the restore or after the restore is complete.