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Connection problems after DCPROMO [was:Help - problems]

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  • Connection problems after DCPROMO [was:Help - problems]

    I have an AD that is mastered by a windows 2000 server (it is the only AD server).
    Purchased a new server with windows 2003 R2 Server on it. Wanted to move the
    AD from the old server to the new so I could retire the old server. Here is what I did:

    1. Updated 2000 server to sp 4.
    2. Stuck the windows 2003 server Cd into the windows 2000 server cdrom drive.
    ran the following:
    (a) adprep /forestprep
    (b) adprep /domainprep
    (c) adprep /domainprep /gpprep
    all successfully ran without error.
    ** 2.5: Ran dcpromo on the windows 2003 server. **
    3. Rebooted 2000 server.
    4. Set the 2003 server as the global catalog (check mark). Unchecked the
    2000 server.
    5. Followed Microsofts instructions (on their website) to move the roles from the
    2000 server to the 2003 server. All commands completed without error.
    ( )
    6. Setup DNS server on the windows 2003 server and configured it like the
    2000 server.

    Here is the mess I have now:
    Before I ran DCPromo on the old server, I changed a client to point to the new AD server. It could log in and out of the domain, and surf the internet. To test, I shut down the old server (again, I hadn't run dcpromo yet). The new server when I logged in, I went to the active director users and tried to modify a group. It said it couldn't find the global catalog. I checked and the new server had the "global catalog" check mark, while the old did not. It acted like it could periodically ok. Rebooted the new server to see if it cleared. Well, when booting back up, it hung at "preparing network connections", forever. I powered back on the old server, but the new one (even after a forced reboot) still hangs at that message. Left everything running in this state as users were able to login. Any ideas what the problem might be ? I just had a thought. Could the windows firewall in 2003 be screwing things up? I didn't check to see if it was on, but I think windows has it on by default.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I would not be adverse to wiping out the domain and creating it again as the number of users and groups is small and no advance features of AD are being uses (roaming profiles, etc).

    thanks for any help,
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    Re: Help - problems

    I'm assuming that between steps 3 and 4 you ran dcpromo on the 2003 R2 server, right?

    What kind of DNS zone do you have? AD Integrated?
    Is the 2000 machine still a GC server?
    Make sure the 2003 R2 box has all it's DNS records properly registered. (DCdiag and netdiag)

    Oh, and you may consider giving this thread a better title.
    3) Give your post a good topic (or subject line), reflecting the question's intentions
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      Re: Help - Problem moving AD from 2000 to 2003

      Yes, I ran dcpromo on the windows 2003 R2 server at step 2.5.

      I selected AD integrated DNS. I have it as a forwarder.

      I had the checkbox for GC unchecked for the old server, and checked for
      the new server. After much diag, I re-checked it before abandoning my

      I'll look up the dcdiag command and netdiag commands to see how to use them to verify the dns records.

      Is there a way to change the threads title at this point ?



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        Re: Connection problems after DCPROMO [was:Help - problems]

        I didn't read through all the thread/posts, butone thing I do know thatshould be in BIG RED LETTERS on the box is to run adprep from the R2 disk of the 2003 server - not the one in the i386 directory of the first server.
        That may well be the source of your problems - go back and run it now on the 2000 server and see if that starts to solve your problems. (You may have to DCPROMO your new server out and back in to AD to get it properly setup)

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