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Tool to Sync AD with SQL database?

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  • Tool to Sync AD with SQL database?

    My company uses Lawson Financials for all employees' payroll. Thus, all employee information is in the Lawson database - in this case Oracle. Oracle can be accessed by any ODBC tool.

    We also have Windows AD but not all employees are in AD because they don't all need accounts and adding them is a manual process when they request it.

    We are implementing a sharepoint directory that will list all employees. To do this, the developers require all employees be in Windows AD.

    We have about 2700 employees but, as it happens, the employees NOT in AD are the employees that have high turn over. We don't want to bear the burden of manually adding and removing all of these employees (most of which will never even login).

    My questions are-
    Do most large companies sync their employee database and Windows AD? What do large companies use to do this? (surely they can't manually add and remove tens of thousands of employees per year to AD)

    What tools are available to create an automated sync between a Oracle or SQL database and Windows AD for user/employee accounts?

    I am looking at Microsoft's MIIS, which seems like it will do the job (from the description on their webpage), but it is $25K US, list price. Is there anything that costs less?

    Thanks for any help you all can provide.

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