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For those who know nothing about AD!

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  • For those who know nothing about AD!

    Active Directory - What is it?

    If this is at all no use to you, you can always try for information on Active Directory.

    Here is a quote from

    "Active Directory is an implementation of LDAP directory services by Microsoft for use in Windows environments. Active Directory allows administrators to assign enterprise-wide policies, deploy programs to many computers, and apply critical updates to an entire organization. An Active Directory stores information and settings relating to an organization in a central, organized, accessible database. Active Directory networks can vary from a small installation with a few hundred objects, to a large installation with millions of objects."

    "Active Directory is a directory service used to store information about the network resources across a domain.
    An Active Directory (AD) structure is a hierarchical framework of objects. The objects fall into three broad categories — resources (e.g. printers), services (e.g. e-mail), and users (accounts, or users and groups). The AD provides information on the objects, organizes the objects, controls access, and sets security."

    This basicially shows what active directory is used for, and the structure of it.

    AD is great if you need to maintain multiple accounts across many servers and Window's domain space. It's pretty nice for managing large corporate networks with many desktops/servers/laptops/users/permissions, etc...

    READ THIS - for information on Active Directory Services in Windows Server 2003


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    Re: For those who know nothing about AD!

    OK, I'll play. Here it is for the Beginner who doesn't understand Microsoft and Computing terminology at all.

    Think of a country called ADania. In the country there is a King called Entadmin. Now Entadmin likes to maintain the control of an iron fist over his country. Whoever lives here must be on The List. The List also says where that person may go in the country, and what part of the country they're based in. Within ADania there are cities, and within the cities there are districts. In each district there are many buildings.

    Between each city and each other there are road links; they are one way only but there are road links in both directions between each pair. These are the Trust Roads.

    Entadmin can set Laws in his country about who can do what, what buildings look like from inside and outside, and all sorts of other things; each of these Laws apply to a particular district.

    Now; when a guy gets on The List, and gets allocated a building, district and city, he can use his building to access the contents of other buildings around the country, as long as Entadmin and his police force know about it and have added permission to his entry on The List. The guy also has permission to enter rooms in his building; if he gets promoted to "Local Admin" he can access ALL the rooms in his building without hindrance. The Guy uses his building to do his day to day work; using one room to write documents, some rooms (sometimes in another building) to store his work, and some rooms for maintenance like house cleaning and so on. Each day, when he begins work, he "clocks on"; which involves exchanging passwords with the Council Office.

    As he gets more experience and builds his career, The Guy gets promoted again and again; gaining access to more and more places in the country. Eventually Entadmin recognises his contribution and promotes him to City Admin; this gives The Guy access to all the buildings and all the rooms in his City, and responsibility to manage the City and its links to other cities. He has special buildings to assist him with this; storage buildings, factories, Council Offices... you get the idea.

    Entadmin likes to have links to other countries too; and with the consent of the Kings of other countries, he can set up a new Trust Road (or even a pair) to and from other countries; this enables citizens from both countries to access the city they're linked to in the other country.

    Now... in that story, replace "Country" with "Active Directory Forest"; replace "City" with "Active Directory Domain"; replace "district" with "Organisational Unit"; replace "Laws" with "Group Policy Objects" and replace "Buildings" with "Computers". Special Buildings? Council Offices: Domain Controllers. Storage Buildings: File Servers. Factories: Print Servers. Clocking on by exchanging passwords with the Council Office: logging in.

    This analogy should give a rudimentary understanding of what an Active Directory is... and it can be extended too. If anyone can find where the analogy falls down I'd be interested to hear it...

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