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  • AD login timeout

    Hello to everyone.

    I hope that someone have answer to my question. I have windows 2003 server standart edition. I tried to install Active directory as its described in

    everything seems ok. but when i restart. i type my username and pass and computer freezes to Loading user configuration message .. IT stays for HOURS... Can someone please tell me what is the problem and how can i change timeout of this. because timeout is around 8hours.. Every step i tried to do is from Remote Desktop. My provider told me that windows searches for non existing domain.. but.. how can i check that .. i used dcdiag and netdiag tools and it seems that every test is ok..
    except dcdiag sysvol test - it fails with 0x0000475 error

    Any ideas are welcome
    Thank you in advance.

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    Have verified this is not due to the hardware problem. If not pls ensure that DNS is properly configured. And also pls post some more info so that i can get a clear picture of ur problem



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      1) Make sure the DC is pointing to itself in the list of DNS servers in the TCP/IP properties of your NIC.

      2) Make sure the domain you use is not already in use in the outside world (is considered a good practice)

      3) Make sure the cliients are pointing to the DC as their primary DNS server.
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