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Adding child domains to windows 2000 Domains

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  • Adding child domains to windows 2000 Domains

    I have a single forest mulitple domain structure.I have two child domains under Windows 2000 Parent domain.i want to create Sub child domain under one of the child domains.
    If i log with the Adminsitrator account of the Parent domain on the Windows 2000 Server that i want to promote as Sub child domain, it is giving me an access denied error on running the dcpromo.
    The Server is the member of Child domain.The child domain has an Active directory integrated and delegated DNS from parent domain.
    Once i log with the Administrator acount of Child domain on this server,the dcpromo runs but gives me an error in between as

    The operation failed becuse,
    The directory service failed to create the object.
    Insufficent access rights to perform the operation.
    The server has been disjoined from the domain

    How can i make a user in the child domain a memeber of Enterprise admins in the parent domain.

    Need your help.


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    Re: Adding child domains to windows 2000 Domains

    Go to the Enterprise Admins group and add the user... or go to the user and add the Enterprise Admins group. You may need to get the admins of the root domain to add the user to the group (because you may not have enough rights to do it) or have them create the child domain and give you administrative privileges over it... am I missing anything?

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