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*ouch* DCPROMO failed / seizing concerns

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  • *ouch* DCPROMO failed / seizing concerns

    After reading several threads, guides and making some lab tests, I installed a temporary second DC so I could remove the original DC and replace it with a new one. (I intend to use the same name/IP for the new server wich also has exchange2k on it)
    (as discussed here:

    But I ran into some problems:

    Part 1
    I joined the Temp-DC, the AD contents seemed to replicated (users, computers, and the like). After transferring the FSMO roles to the temporary DC, when I attempted to demote SRV1, an error popped up saying it could not find the domain, I checked many many times the DNS configurations and it was fine.

    Later on I found that it appears that SYSVOL and NETLOGON were not being shared in the temp-DC.
    There were no errors on screen or in the event log at any time.

    What could have caused this? (I was using a name and IP that -to my knowledge- were never present in the domain before)

    Part 2
    As I needed to move on, I decided to turn the SRV1 off and make a metadata clean up in the temp-DC (I wasnīt aware of the lack of shares yet and it seemed like there wasnīt much more risk in going this path).
    So I made a clean up and attempted to join the new server -SRV3- to the domain, but of course it also said there wasnīt an Active Directory domain so it couldnīt join.

    So then I had pretty much nothing, a temp-DC with the users but no exchange, an exchange capable system I couldnīt join to the domain, and a SRV1 with the DC and exchange but the roles tranferred to Temp-DC.

    The only choice seemed to be shutting down Temp-DC and SRV2 (never make it to the domain anyway) and turning on SRV1 on again, which seemed to work fine.

    As I was afraid to have users or admins being blocked out of the domain or server, I decided to seize the roles back to SRV1.
    i followed this guide

    I have some uncertanties now:
    - Is the domain with the roles seized back a ticking bomb now?
    - Should I seize the Infrastructure master or not? The guide is a bit contradictory about that.
    - When I figure out what made the procedure fail (see part one) how should I go about roles in order to get the right ones in SRV2?

    Sorry for the long post,
    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I do have a system state of SRV1 of two days before and a ghost image made the same day. thnx again.

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    Re: *ouch* DCPROMO failed / seizing concerns

    A complete methodology for what you are doing appears (is sold) as a kit on (it's not only for SBS!). It costs a reasonable amount of money and you get world class support as part of the deal!

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