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Add capability to add pc to Domain

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  • Add capability to add pc to Domain

    Hi forum friends.

    I have the following issue. I'm the Admin of a domain, say it Domain A. I've already created a Group called ComputerInstallers where i "drag and drop" all users (NON ADMINS) that need add pc's to the Domain. Ok...i have no problem with that, 'till now.

    But there is another Domain. Domain B. I have a one way trust between these 2 domains. Domain A users are able to validate in the Domain B; Domain B users can't not validate their users in Domain A (a normal one way trust)

    The problem: i need to add, to the ComputerInstallers group, a user from the B Domain, but i can't see/browse the Domain in the User and Groups console of the Domain Controller. The trust is ok, 'cause in member servers i'm able to add users from the foreign Domain.

    How can i do that? any suggestions? ....

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    You need to use Domain Local group (my guess that the current group you use is Domain Global)
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      Re: Add capability to add pc to Domain

      Universal Group?
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