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Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

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  • Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I always get the above entries in Event Viewer after rebooting of Win2003 DCs.
    Everything is running in VMware.

    I have 1 root domain controller (which does not show the errors) 4 sub-domain controller und 3 domains. All DCs are Global catalogs because of MS Exchange. One domain had two DCs of which one was removed because it did not replicate anymore; I had to remove it by force.

    KB 875495 used. Afterwards KB 216498 to remove left overs.

    Repadmin /syncall gives no errors.
    DCdiag /e /fix runs OK.
    DCdiag /testDNS is also OK.
    No login problems.

    Information: ID 1869: Active Directory has located a GC.
    Warning: ID 1655: AD attempted to communicate with the GC and the attempt was unsuccessful.
    Error: ID 1126: AD was unable to establish a connection with the GC.

    Please help me. Thanks a lot.
    Wolfhard Aring

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    Re: Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

    Has anybody used

    KB 305837


    If yes, why?


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      Re: Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

      I tried this ..

      KB 313167

      .. but it did not help because the entries where already present.


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        Re: Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

        Domain structure:

        DC11 DC12 ----- DC3 ----- DC5

        (one root DC which is a GC)
        (three sub domains, all GCs except DC12)
        (DC11 and DC12 in same domain, DC11 is the pdc)

        Domain Controller connections: automatically generated

        DC11 - DC12 - DC3 - DCroot - DC5 - DC11
        DC12 - DC5

        If I run repadmin /syncall on each of the DCs I get errors except on DCroot where I dont get any errors.
        However the errors do not occur for the same links:

        Running command on ----- replication failure
        DCroot ----- none
        DC11 ----- DCroot --> DC5
        DC12 ----- DCroot --> DC5
        DC3 ----- DC5 --> DC12 and DC11 --> DC12
        DC5 ----- DC3 --> DCroot

        Is this a problem?
        Thanks a lot for any help.
        Kind regards


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          Re: Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

          Continue to talk to yourself and they will lock you away
          Sorry, I can't offer you any help on this subject, but it seems like you did not completely clean out one of the DC's from active directory.

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            Re: Warning ID 1655 and Error 1126

            Saw that you followed 216498. Here's Daniel's article on it IMHO it's usually easier to follow than the MS KBs.
            You also might want to read this article as well

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