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Migrating Windows 2000 Active directory to New Hardware

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  • Migrating Windows 2000 Active directory to New Hardware

    I have a Windows 2000 single forest, single domain Active directory with Exchange 2000 Cluster in Place.I have three windows 2000 domain controllers and Exchange 2000 Cluster as Member Server.
    All the three domain controllers are Global Catalog Roles and Active direcotry Integrated DNS.There is no DHCP Service running.
    There are 500 desktops connected.
    I want to achieve the following:
    Want to migrate the 3 Windows 2000 Domain controllers with same Operating System(Windows 2000),Same machine name and IP Address to new Server Hardware.

    Please Advice how i should start the migration.


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    Re: Migrating Windows 2000 Active directory to New Hardware

    I haven't used it yet, but the Swing Migration looks like the ideal tool to use in this case.

    Steven Teiger the SBS Forum Moderator will be able to confirm if this would be a valid solution. A read of their web site seems to indicate this would work.
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      Re: Migrating Windows 2000 Active directory to New Hardware

      Swing Migration should work no problem - but you might as well upgrade them to Win2003 while you are at it. Investing so much in upgrading new HW, go the whole hog and do the SW also.
      Actually SWING would only needed to be performed on ONE server. You would basically transfer all the FSMO roles to one DC, remove the other two DC's from the domain, swing the remaining DC to the new Hardware and then re-install the other two DC's from scratch on the new HW with the same DC names and same IPs.
      Exchange would be left alone.

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