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  • Remove Child Domain

    Hi All,

    I got one child domain in remote site. They got few AD and exchange servers.

    Our main office got Exchange 2003 enterprise edition and windows 2003 AD Server.

    We got IPVPN (2MB) and all the internet traffic going from main office.

    Internet------>Main Domain_______VPN 2MB____Child Domain
    192.168.9.x 192.168.65.x

    Child domain users need to logon to main domain for citrix applications and now they have to remember 2 password for each domain plus ERP applications.

    Only one adminstrator for both domain location( Thats me)

    I thought of remove this child domain and add to our main domain.

    Is this a good idea or how do i do it?
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    Re: Remove Child Domain

    Why do the users need the second account in the parent domain ? They should be able to use their account from the child domain as long as they have been granted required permissions.

    As for the domain consolidation, you'd need to provide more details about your topology and why this was set up the way it is right now.
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      Re: Remove Child Domain


      My issues

      1. Managing this child domain from melbourne?
      2. 2 x Ecxchange server maintenance, Software assuerence etc?
      3. different domain logins and password for users?
      4. Network Administration( Virus, WSUS, Proxy...GPO etc) ?

      My Idea:

      Remove the child domain and set one single domain login for both locations?
      Remove Exchange Server in Child domain?
      Add one AD w3k Server for remote ?


      1. How do i change over without down time?
      2. How do i restric netlogon traffic ?
      3. How do i minimize mail traffic?
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        Re: Remove Child Domain

        Help Help help guys
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