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    Would like some advice pls

    What I would like to do here in the UK is connect to computers in our remote sites by their name instead of their IP.

    I have tried to set the DNS so it replicates to all DNS servers in the forest, but because of some dodgy links we end up with lingering objects and replication issues all the time. The VPN link is not very stable as the sites are really REMOTE!

    What I have now done is set DNS in each remote site to Replicate to all DNS servers in Domain, but how do I get the DNS info here in the UK? I assume it is not a secondary zone I need to set up, would it be a stub zone???

    Any advice much appricated.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Remote DNS

    Personally I would use Active Directory Integrated DNS and then configure Sites for my infrastructure... then you can have different replication schedules for well-connected and not-so-well-connected sites. AD Replication then does the DNS replication also.

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      Re: Remote DNS

      Yeah thats how I had set it up. Actually forgot I could change the interval on the replication between the UK and remote sites so that it's once or twice a day....may give that a go instead.

      The only issue I see is that the DNS Zone for one remote site appears in DNS for the other remote site, and was wondering whether it was these sites not replicating correctly thus then causing the problems....

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