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Filtering of GPO in Computer Config- how to?

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  • Filtering of GPO in Computer Config- how to?

    I created an OU and I applied a Policy in computer configuration section. The policy is working fine :P !
    However I come to the point that I only want to apply it to some selected computers in that OU and not for all.

    How can i do filtering in that sense. I checked and it applied to Authenticated users by default. Can I remove the Authenticated users and come whith a group called PC_group put all computers that I want in that group and apply the policy..

    Is it the best way of doing it?
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    this is exactly how it is done.

    though, i would strongly suggest to refrain from this approach, as managing those security groups will quickly turn into a nightmare.
    The alternative would be to create a sub-OU, put the computers you are interested in applying the GPO to into this OU and link the GPO to this sub-OU.

    |----> sub-OU <--- Link the GPO here

    The drawback of this approach is that you can quickly run into situation that you have too many OUs or too nested OU structure. It all depends on your environment

    The other way is the use of WMI filters instead of security filtering.
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