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AD Restore Problem

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  • AD Restore Problem

    I am trying to restore my AD domain to a member server from my system state backup of a live domain controller. I want to test the restore process as if all of my live DC's died at the same time. I have extracted the backup files to an alternate directory. I am running DCPromo /adv from a command prompt in Windows. The problem is that when I restore AD to this server in the lab and reboot it using the restored files, I can not log into it using any of my old domain accounts. I can log in using "administrator" only. When I look at "AD Users and Computers", none of my old user or compter accounts are visible. The domain is created, but it only includes built in groups and users. During the restore, i am choosing "Domain controller for a new domain" since there are no other controllers to authenticate against in the lab. I have tried restoring it as a "DC in an existing domain", but since there are no other servers available it will not accept my credentials.