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Cannot logon interactive due to local policy

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  • Cannot logon interactive due to local policy

    I have a OU named "Home Users" in my AD. I made a GPO only for the redirection of my documents.

    I have 2 users in the OU:
    User 1: Member of "Administrator and Domain Admins"

    User 2: Member of "Domain Users and Users"

    I can logon a XP client with user 1 but now with user 2. It says I cannot logon interactive due to local policy.

    When I set User 2 member of "Domain Admins" it works perfectly, but I want User 2 to be local admin of his workstation but User rights in the domain.

    I read somewhere I have to do something in the Restricted Groups with a INTERACTIVE group or something. I don't understand that part.

    p.s. Sorry for my bad English.

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    I think it is a problem in de GPO, when I create a user with domain user rights in the default Users OU it's not a problem.

    But when I create the user in own made OU with the GPO I can't connect.