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lan manager communication settings

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  • lan manager communication settings

    Just a question.

    on my domain controller policy i've set:

    to use NTLMV2 and NTLM and refuse LM

    now do i have to set the same thing on the client end? our clients are using windows xp sp2

    the reason why the i didn't set it to the highest setting is that our samba 3x file server doesn't like the highest setting.

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    Re: lan manager communication settings

    This looks suspiciously like a double post.


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      Re: lan manager communication settings

      Roguecoolman, I strongly suggest you get rid if this double post BEFORE Daniel or Guy sees it otherwise you will be spending the next 2 weeks reading the rules.
      1 1 was a racehorse.
      2 2 was 1 2.
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        Re: lan manager communication settings

        sorry i didn't think this was a double post. My post:

        was referring to how to get rid of LM hashes if already stored.

        this question was setting up LM communication between client and server and if the settings must be mirrored on the client end.

        I didn't want to pose 2 different questions in the same post

        I'm not sure how to move my post or if i can even do so. If the moderator can help me out and delete this post, i'll continue this question in my post above then.



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          Re: lan manager communication settings

          I'll let you enjoy the benefit of a doubt this time. Next time, when you have 2 questions that are very similar, please try to form them into one thread.

          Daniel Petri
          Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
          MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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            Re: lan manager communication settings

            Thank you,

            I apologize for this.