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HOME mapping creates hangs

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  • HOME mapping creates hangs

    I'm connecting my users to a HOME folder at the USER object in the AD,
    (Profile/Home folder/Connect/ [M:] To \\FS01\home$\%username% )

    That works just fine, of cource.

    BUT, when I takes my laptop home using the stand by mode then
    the computer hangs in explorer, intenet explorer etc.
    I figured out fast that this has to to something with not having access to
    the company network.
    But the strange thing is that I have already deleted the connected mappings,
    but still hangs....

    Then I used Sysinternals Filemon and notices that explorer.exe tries to access
    M:\ .... and I have no files on M:\ and have never actually saved anything there.

    Is there more to the HOME dirs that I don't know of?
    Why are explorer trying to find sytem files on my home drive?
    I have a screenshot from filemon for u if ur interessted:

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts

    Regards, Sebastian