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Active Directory Netbios (Pre windows 2000) domain name

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  • Active Directory Netbios (Pre windows 2000) domain name

    Hi All

    New to forum but have a tricky question that I am trying to resolve. I have recently taken over a site where there are 6 domain controllers and 200+ workstations. We also operate over 3 physical sites connected by T1 lines.

    Problem I have is that the AD is called (names have been changed to protect the innocent!) and the netbios pre 2000 name is DOMAIN1.

    We are now trying to install an application that has been commercially developed in VB .NET but it fails to install because the VB calls to return the AD name return DOMAIN1 and not

    We have asked them to modify the software but the response we are getting is that we have an unsupported network configuration and that it is a bug in M$.

    I however disagree and say that we have a valid configuration and that they should implement a work around.

    2 part question

    1 - IS this a valid network config
    2 - They have advised that we should 'change' the netbios name, so I have been tasked with how much work this would involve - my answer is that it is not quantifiable as it is a huge job

    Many thanks for any comments

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    Re: Active Directory Netbios (Pre windows 2000) domain name

    This is a valid and supported configuration - the NETBIOS name of the domain does not have to be the same as the left part of the FQDN domain name.

    My guess though (depending on the API call the application is using) is that you have misconfigured DNS or the machine the application is installed on is not pointing to the DNS server reponsible for the AD's DNS zone.

    Do you have any errors in the system and application logs during the system boot ?

    What does "nltest /parentdomain" return ? (nltest.exe is part of W2K3 resource kit)
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