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Create Folder Permission issue

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  • Create Folder Permission issue


    I need to apply the following folder security permission scheme :

    Allow create, modify and deletion of files. Deny create of subfolders.

    I've unchecked the "create folders/ append data" special permission, and applied it for this folder, subfolders and files.
    At lab environment it seemed to work OK: I couldn't create new folders and I could create files.
    But at production environment I realized that every existing file is opened as Read Only.
    It seems that unchecking "create folders/ append data" special permission automatically unchecks the "modify" permission.

    I can't believe that such reasonable requirement can't be fulfilled with windows ntfs security permissions. And probably my Boss will be hard to convince.

    Help please.


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    Re: Create Folder Permission issue

    You think this is hard - wait till you try stopping users from deleting/moving files and folders. At one client, a user would constantly drag a whole sub-tree to another location on the server. I found it almost impossible to prevent that and found that user education (threatening violence if he did it again) was the ultimate solution.

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      Re: Create Folder Permission issue

      Thanks Teiger for your suggestion. In my case users are pretty rational. The idea is to control the growth of the folder tree.
      I'm not ready to give up yet, without a little fight.... any other opinion over there ?
      Perhaps Daniel has any idea on how to prevent users from creating subfolders and still allow them to modify and create files ?