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Data being deleted by service account

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  • Data being deleted by service account

    I have an older instance of SQL Server (2000) used for an old installation of Great Plains. Over the years there have been several custom application built to interface various accounting related systems with the data on this server.

    Recently there have been several instances where random transactions are being deleted. The folks in the accounting group setup Great Plains to track any deletes from the GL account and determine who did the deletes. They're telling me that the same account we use to launch SQL Server is the account deleting the data.

    It's possible that someone knows the login creds for this account and is using it to do some task that's causing the problem, but that's a long shot in my opinion. I rather believe that one of these custom interface apps is causing the problem.

    One of the custom interfaces includes several SQL jobs that run that do some truncating and bulk inserting. In each case these jobs are owned by the sa account. If one of these jobs deleted the data would it be reported as being deleted by sa or by the service account since that's the account that launches SQL Server Agent?