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quick question min max memory

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  • quick question min max memory

    without going deep.... SQL2008 on Server 2008.

    I found on SQL server (managed by supplier) min and max memory in Management Studio = 4GB. I guess that min should not be the same as max and put it on 1GB.

    Does it make sense?

    Also, 10GB RAM is dedicated to this SQL Server (virtual).
    After reboot and test of all the apps connected to it, used RAM is just 1.5GB of 10GB. Checked in 20 minutes it was 2.4GB. Today used memory is 5.6GB. Is this normal memory leak?

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    Re: quick question min max memory

    See here for min/max memory details:

    As for the "leak", SQL server will consume as much memory as it needs based on the settings you configure. It will "hold" the memory it has acquired unless it's needed by another process. What you're seeing is not a leak but is the expected behavior.