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setting replication on SQL server

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  • setting replication on SQL server

    Hi all,

    Have problems to set-up up replications on SQL 2012.
    we have multiple databases on the server and we need to make sure that if one server go down the second server takes over.

    I set-up the clustering on the Windows server 2012R2 and having problems setting the Clustering on between the SQL servers.

    Those are all setup on VMWARE.

    If you have any tips or suggestions would really appreciate. ( I am back working in IT after a long setback for health reason and it is great to see that this site is still going strong : )


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    Re: setting replication on SQL server

    What method are you replicating?

    -Transaction logs replication?
    -Mirror DB?
    -Windows cluster(active/passive)?

    Can you give a bit more details? If I unserdand you correctly, you are using windows clustering. If that is the case. is your windows clustering function correctly? Do you have share drives where both server can see? Have you test the clustering by take the active node down and confirm if the passive node become active and see the share drive?

    Sorry for too many questions , but I like details when troubleshooting the issues.