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Can't create new login for SQL 2005

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  • Can't create new login for SQL 2005

    When trying to create a new login in sql server management studio I receive the following error message:
    An object (User or Built-in security principal) with the following name cannot be found "mpruehsner". Check the selected object types and locations for accuracy and ensure that you have typed the object name correctly, or remove this object from the selection. Please see attached screenshot of the exact error message.

    We have been able to create new logins in the past with no issues until recently. I even try to do a search on our entire directory but return the same error message. About a month or so I moved our global catalog to a different domain controller on our network. However I did move it back in attempt to resolve this issue. Again, I'm very green when it comes to SQL but it seems to be the replication between SQL and AD is broke??

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Can't create new login for SQL 2005

    Is there already a SQL login for that user? That's what the message would lead me to believe.


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      Re: Can't create new login for SQL 2005

      No joeqwerty there isn't. When I researched the error message I was under the same impression. We have a test environment with the same SQL installed as well as on the same domain that does NOT have any issues with creating new users. If I knew more about SQL possibly I could find why this is.


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        Re: Can't create new login for SQL 2005

        can existing users log on to the SQL server using their AD accounts?

        Can you manually select a user from AD to create an account ? - ie, does it give a list of users ?
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