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Help with SQL server Authentication

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  • Help with SQL server Authentication


    I'm hoping that somebody can give me some insight on this bizzarre problem. We have an enterprise domain network with two domains. Our SQL servers (200 running in MS cluster are in the main domain. We seems to have an issue with users who are in the sub domain not able to authenticate with SQL if they belong to several security groups in Active Directory. By many I'm talking about over 300 groups. When we reduce the number of groups the sub domain user is a member of to about 100 they are able to authenticate. When we add the rest of the groups back, they stop authenticating.

    This seems to be happenning only to domain users in the sub domain. It does not affect domain users in the main domain.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Help with SQL server Authentication

    i suspet it's having trouble calculating permissions based on all the nesting and referrals..

    I'd take a look at things like maximum group membership, and domain trusts and group nesting across domains etc.

    It may be that one of those groups is removing the permission somehow.. ?
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