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    Hi I am very new to SQL Server and DB's in general. We have an SQL Server 2008 R2 installed and running a DB for our Scribe application. I need to create another (Instance?/Database?) for our Finance Dept. The controller will need to be able to create Tables, Views, Procedures, etc... on this Database only. If someone can provide me with some good material on doing this it would be greatly appreciated. I did start up the SQL Server Management Studio then Right Click on Database and created a new one. What do I need to install on his computer to give him access to manage this DB and only this DB. I wish I knew more but the original DB was created via someone else and this task has been left to me know. SO I am in full learning mode now. Any help would be extremely helpful and appreciated.


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    Re: New to SQL Server

    A database will run in the same instance of SQL server, so potentially someone managing one can access the other. A separate instance is really a new install of SQL server on the same box -- different name, permissions etc.

    You can probably do what you want with SQL Server permissions ( for lots of info) and install the Management Studio on his computer to access it.

    IMHO get some expert help if you can -- we can do so much here, but do not have access to your exact environment so cannot give really detailed help.
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