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  • Current Password Validation


    I have installed a web base application with db as SQL Server 2008 R2 and operating system Windows 2008 R2.

    This application has been running successfully for a year and recently it has been giving the following error:

    1) Password Change - Current Password Error

    The user is required to change password on the expiry of password e.g. after 30 days.

    The application pops up the change password screen and the user enters Current Password (old) and new passwords in New Password and Re-enter New Password fields.

    On click of Save button, it displays the error 'Current Password invalid. Authenthication Failed. Please contact administrator'

    I have tried to copy and write the password manually in the Current Password field and in both cases i still get the same error.

    This error however does not appear in other machines where the application is installed.

    Appreciate help in this regard and thanks for support in advance.

    best regards

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