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  • Change SQL server machine name

    I just acquired a network from our now fired Sys Admin. Among many jacked up’d things he did naming servers was his weakest talent. He came up with an encrypted code to name all the servers. The name would include the deploy year, Operating System installed, Main role and or Application version. For example our Main DC is Main1997ADDSJB7-4. An application server we have is JB2007-JB11-4-3SQL2008R2EX. As you can see it’s just plain stupid. I’m planning to change the server naming scheme to the Military alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta……..)As all our Upper officers are Marines. I know I cannot change any Domain Controllers or Exchange servers. I plan on replacing them in the near future, but my member servers I can change. The server I want to change has SQL 2008R2 Express installed and is used as our main Application’s database. Will changing the Server name have a negative effect on the SQL instance??

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    Re: Change SQL server machine name

    First, his naming convention might appear stupid to you but it might not appear stupid to someone else. He certainly had a method for it based on real attributes, as opposed to naming the servers after Star Wars characters.

    Second, your naming convention may make perfect sense to you but may seem silly and/or stupid to someone who's not in the military.

    Third, knocking the previous admin (regardless of what you think of him or his work) serves no one and makes less of yourself when you do it. My advice: Don't do it... ever. I don't respect people who knock another persons efforts or methods.

    Fourth, at the very least you're going to need to run the sp_dropserver and sp_addserver SQL statements after renaming the SQL server. More here: