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moving databases from SQL2000 to SQL2005 without loss of service.

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  • moving databases from SQL2000 to SQL2005 without loss of service.

    Hi All
    You will have to excuse my lack of knowledge with SQL but I have been tasked with retirting some of our oldest servers which are currently still used in production. Most of them are fine but I have hit an Windows 2000 Server with SQL 2000 and one of the databases is for our intraserver. I need to devise a plan to move this database over to an SQL 2005 or 2008 server.
    Any ideas on where I should start.
    Also as its a really old server I think there could be other db running on there. Does anyone know how I can find out what other databases are running on that server. If I go to SQL server enterprise manager, go to databases they are absolutely loads of db's but I have been told that most of them have been migrated over to other servers since.
    I went to current activity and checked the locks/object section and this I think is showing me what databases are currently used because I am assuming if they are locked it means that they are in use.
    Does anyone know of a better way?
    Any sites/books others would recommend for a newbie DB administrator it would be greatly appreciated. BTW these servers are VM's on a VMware ESX4 cluster.