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  • SQL 2000 Issue

    First I hope i can post this question here since I did not see any other forum that I can use for SQL 2000 maybe because it so old If I'm wrong please let me know where should i post it I will appreciate it.

    I have this weird issue with my SQL 2000 SP4 i have one database with 4 tables in it. one table has around 14,000 records and the other around 4000 it started a few weeks ago, we were able to view the data but we could not enter any new data. at fist i thought it might be a permission issue, so i went and add public permission to write and it start work again after a few days it did the same thing I check the permission again and the public was off again, so I re-did the setting and it work fine for 4 days today it happen again, able to view data but you can not add or edit anything. So think it might be permission again i have access the table and public permission was correct then i have open the database and try to enter a new row, after a few second it say program is not responding and close the sql manager. I have then decide to restart my SQL services I went into services and restart the SQL and the SQL agent. After doing so I have access the table again and now it is working again. I will appreciate any idea

    Happen again yesterday for no good reason. - restart the sql services and start to work fine again.

    Thank you

    I'm running
    Windows SBS 2003 SP2
    SQL 2000 SP4
    Dual Xeon 5130
    4GB RAM
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    Re: SQL 2000 Issue

    What role(s) are you assigned to in the database? DBOwner should allow you to do read/write. Also check to see if any roles are explicitly denied. A denial of authority always trumps a grant.


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      Re: SQL 2000 Issue

      DBowner has read/write, and I'm sure i have the permission set right, after all it is working fine after I restart the service. where do you check the roles explicitly?(I'm not sure I'm looking at the right place.)

      I have remove some program that I install before it start to happen and now it still happen but less frequent, I'm still able to fix it by restart the MSSQL$ service.

      Let me know where should i check my roles explicitly and i will see if there is anything there that can tell me what is wrong with it.
      Thanks for your reply