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SQL Performance (perfmon)

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  • SQL Performance (perfmon)

    Hello all

    i know this particular forum is for 2008 Sql but there isnt anywhere for our archaic 2000 to post in...i hope thats ok!!

    anyways we are experiencing a very slow performance in our Microsoft Dynamics server (which also runs SQL 2000)

    i have run the following counters to see if i can identify any issues:

    Available MBytes Last 837.00 Average 838.130 Maximum 839.000
    Pages/ Sec Last 0.00 Average 0.30 Maximum 1.00
    % Disk Time Last 0.05 Average 1.111 Maximum 15.500
    Avg Disk Queue Lenght Last 0.70 Average 0.072 Maximum 3.331
    % Processor Time Last 0.391 Average 0.856 Maximum 27.344
    Buffer Cache hit Ratio Last 98.933 Average 98.930 Maximum 98.936

    Hopefully this will mean something to you guys!?

    of if anyone could steer me in the right way?