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sql 2005 HA options

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  • sql 2005 HA options

    We have windows 2003 r2 sp2 and sql server standard 2005 sp2.. it is located in a virtual environment with VMware 4.0 . we have a virtual environment in our DR site and would like to know the best HA option we can use.

    I was thinking database mirror without a witness. I would create an active server on prod and then an active server in dr and have them do async logging to the dr site... i have a 40mb fiber connection to my DR site so bandwidth should not be an issue

    can anyone give me an idea if i am on the right track or point me to apps or docs that may help me to achieve this goal?

    thanks to all who reply

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    Re: sql 2005 HA options

    I have the same scenario any one can guide us