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SQL 2008 Express - error: xml document, & error code 0x84B10001

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  • SQL 2008 Express - error: xml document, & error code 0x84B10001

    I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Express on Windows 7 64 bit OS.
    The pc is not part of a domain.
    Another program (ProNest 2010) uses SQL as its database, this program installs correctly.
    Both installs are done using the Administrator account.
    I used the web installer to D/L and install SQL, the installation appeared to run correctly right up to the very end, then generated the error (error: xml document, & error code 0x84B10001) and backed out.
    Next I searched MS Knowledgebase to check which version of SQL to install with Win7 64 bit. MS pointed me to SQL Server 2008 Express SP 1, I downloaded it (SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe) manually and tried again with the same result.

    I have googled the error but was not able to find any relevant information.

    Does anyone know if this is a known problem with SQL and Win 7 64?

    I know this set up works with Win 7 32 bit, I have done it myself but this is my first 64 bit installation.

    Am I using the wrong download?
    Note: SQL Server 2008 Express includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    SQLEXPR32_x86 is a smaller package that can be used to install SQL Server 2008 Express onto only 32-bit operating systems.

    SQLEXPR_x86 is the same product but supports installation onto both 32-bit and 64-bit (WoW) operating systems.

    SQLEXPR_x64 is a native 64-bit SQL Server 2008 Express and supports installation onto only 64-bit operating systems.

    There is no other difference between these packages.

    Should I have used (SQLEXPR_x86) instead?

    I assumed that (SQLEXPR_x64) was the correct download.

    I did not think to check the event log, so I'll do that next week (Monday).
    This is all I have for back ground info right now.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    I'm not suffering from Insanity.
    I'm enjoying every moment of it!

    Doug Rizzo
    Technical Support
    MTC Software

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    Re: SQL 2008 Express - error: xml document, & error code 0x84B10001

    You can download both SQLEXPR_x86 and SQLEXPR_x64.

    SQLEXPR_x86 will be running in 32 bit compatibility mode which will affect the performance.
    So advisable method is to download and install SQLEXPR_x64 package.
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