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MSOutlook with multiple users

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  • MSOutlook with multiple users

    Hi y'all
    I am just done configuring my E2K server on a W2K server environment with WinXP workstations.
    I am trying to open more than one mailbox on some of them WS, but I can't access the second one.

    I went into Services and enabled the open another mailbox and wrote the mailboxes I want this particular computer to open.
    I get the following error message :
    Unable to open folder. Failed client operation

    any insights would be appreciated.

    Marc Robichaud
    Senior Tech

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    Just to clarify the question...

    You want to use Outlook to open 2 Exchange accounts?

    As far as I know this isn't possible...

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      Ahinson is right, u cant have 2 different exchange a/c created in 1 outlook client. However, u can allow 1 user to access another user's mailbox. As long as the target mailbox allowed permission to another user to acess (access rights can be set under the mailbox properties in Exchange Administrator) his mailbox. Just get to the "add mailbox" option from the exchange profile's advanced tab, click add and type in the correct mailbox's name and you are done! Hope this answers your question.


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        Actually, I want to acess a second account that was created in MS Outlook, but seems I can't access it. I have allowed the main user access to it, but it keeps saying:

        Unable to display folder. Failed client operation

        (I am trying as I said on my main topic to translate as I go)

        hope this helps