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Unable to print mail in Outlook 2003

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  • Unable to print mail in Outlook 2003

    I've been using Outlook 2003 for almost a year now with little problems. All of a sudden when I try tp print an e-mail I either get a message that says "unable to print HTML formatted items" or I get a script error that asks me if I want to continue running scripts on this page. I am, however, unable to print anything from Outlook (mail that is)
    I tried the repair option by inserting the original disk, but that didn't work. My internet search has revealed some folks go into the rigistry to fix this but ever since I won the war and LOST the battle with my other laptop and my fight with some nasty spyware I swore off messing with things I'm not sure about. So... any suggestions from you folks?
    I'm not a programmer just a user that has been able to figure out how to do lots of things with my system by searching the net and proceeding with extreme caution. Thank you for your anticipated input. By the way I just signed up today * this is my first post...
    BTW I have XP SP2 and I have no problems printing from Outlook Express or any other program.
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    Re: Unable to print mail in Outlook 2003

    when you read emails are you using Word to read them. To check go to tools-> options-> then the third tab, mail format. The window will be similar to the screen shot below. is the second check-box checked or unchecked?
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