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  • Outlook signatures HTML/Plain text

    We have an HTML Sig that drags its info off our website, when we send this to a plain text recepient, it obviously doesn't work.

    Is there a way of encoding the sig so that it can detect what the format the recepient is reading and if plain text/rich text skip the HTML part of the sig and go to a plain sig.

    ie an intelligent signature.


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    Re: Outlook signatures HTML/Plain text

    First I would make a signature that includes both HTML and plain text, kinda mixed one in the other, if you know what i mean, so that the same signature will be meaningful either way.
    Then if you right click on the email address of the the contact, select outlook properties, and then change the dropdown as pictured below to send plain text only.

    I have no real way of testing this but i hope it helps.
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