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  • Outlook Fonts on Replies

    when we get an email in plain text, it defaults the font to our std, Ariel 10. However if we reply and change the format to HTML the body of the message turns to Times new roman. Is there a way for this to default to our std font of Ariel 10?



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    Re: Outlook Fonts on Replies

    In Outlook go to:
    Mail Format
    Fonts (in Stationary and Fonts section)
    Check what the defaults fonts are and change as necessary.
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      Re: Outlook Fonts on Replies

      Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Its true, the default font for replies works properly, you hit reply to a plain text email and change the format to HTML. Any words you add ARE in the desired font, BUT the existing email that is below, changes to Times Roman. it si THIS i want to change to arial 10 as well.



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        Re: Outlook Fonts on Replies

        Once you set a default the next time you do the change to HTML on your email the default font will take over. If you set the default while in a email message, then you will have to select all and change the font for the entire email that is open and currently in progress.
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          Re: Outlook Fonts on Replies

          Not sure i understand exactly what you mean. I've set all my fonts in tools/options/mail format to ariel 10. when i reply to a plain text message AND THEN change it to HTML the existing message changes to times new roman
          Is there another way to make the reply in HTML without selecting REPLY first and then changing it.