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Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

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  • Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

    Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

    Someone on these forums were looking to convert and or merge two PST files and as I was looking for a similar soluion I thought I would provide them with it. However now I cannot find their post here on the forums so if someone reads this and is familiar with the thread I'm referring to maybe they could link to this post.
    Upstart is a utility for converting and merging Outlook PSTs. It converts ANSI PSTs to Unicode, Unicode PSTs to ANSI, unencrypted PSTs to encrypted and so on. In addition it can merge arbitrary PSTs.

    It's a free utility when you use the command line version and there is also a version that was $45 dollars that includes a GUI interface with the software.

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    Re: Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

    Thanks, TriLinea,
    This thread will be moved to the Outlook forum

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      Re: Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

      TriLinea, was this the post you were refering to?

      Thank you for posting that. It was considerate and thoughtful and I hope we see you round here more often.
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        Re: Converting ANSI PST to Unicode PST Outlook.

        Since it has been a little I am not one hundred % sure if that was the post I originally saw. However it seems that the poster would certainly need to use unicode to be able to merge and run a PST(s) of that size. As someone said in the referenced thread the merge can be done manually by essentially dragging and dropping. From what I have gathered this program does two basic things it creates a new Unicode PST and then it batch copies the contents from the original file. (I could be wrong but that's how I think it works.) So it may not be a converter in the traditional sense but rather a tool that makes the job of creating a new PST and then copying from the old PST much quicker and easier. By the way I have been in touch with the developer of the tool and he is a pleasure to work with. Anyway thanks for the kind welcome to your forums and I'm very happy if the link has/will helped/help someone
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