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Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

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  • Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's


    I have a few queries about sending emails in outlook 2003 with regards towards the “TO“ field.

    Is there a limit on the amount of email address's outlook will remember in the TO field of an email? So when you type in the start of it, it will automatically fill the rest out.

    Does the email address need to be typed in to, the “TO” field for it to be remembered or is there a way to point it to an address book to pick the emails address’s up ?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

    Max number in the TO: field

    What do you mean by Outlook "remembering" email addresses. You should have a Contact address book installed when Outlook was installed. You can also install a Personal Address Book but I would advise against this. Contacts has much more versatility with the type and amount of information that can be included about the recipient.

    Are you just using Outlook or are you running Outlook attached to an Exchange Server?

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      Re: Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

      Sorry should had given more detail...

      Outlook is connecting to an exchange server and it is using contact to store all address/email information.

      What I mean by remembering address's is when you call up a new email and begin to type in the TO field it will provide you with a small list of recently used address's. So if I type J I would get all the people I have sent to that begin with J.

      What I am trying to understand is the way Outlook retreives this list? Does an address needed to be typed before it will be displayed here or can you choose an address book and force it to pick the address's up from there?



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        Re: Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

        The data is saved into a NK2 founded into C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook with a maximum of 1000 Addresses.

        Edit also see this:

        And yes, users needed to type the adresses first.
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          Re: Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

          And of course there is also the Global Address List. The Education Department in Victoria, Australia has a GAL some 100,000 entries. A nice round number.
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            Re: Outlook 2003 - Remembered address's

            Thanks guys

            I have all my questions answered now. I think the problem is coming from people not shutting down correctly and this is causing the names not to be saved !

            thanks again