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MAPI error with Outlook 2k3

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  • MAPI error with Outlook 2k3

    I am getting a MAPI error 0x80070057 when I try to import a users .PAB to his contacts list. He is running WIndows XPsp2, Outlook 2k3 and it is on an Active Directory Network with Exchange 2k3. I have looked in microsoft's knowledge base and cant find anything related in there unless I am searching wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: MAPI error with Outlook 2k3

    Did you Google the error?
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      Re: MAPI error with Outlook 2k3

      Yes I did and I havent found anything on the error for outlook. I have found it for different programs, i.e. Exchange, SQL, etc, but nothing for Outlook. I have searched the Microsoft Knowledge base and havent found anything either. I have tried searching for the error and for import/export issues. I have seen a couple of sites that mention issues close to this one and looked at the fixes for them and they wont work for this issue or I tried them and they didnt work, i.e. importing an excel spreadsheet of names and numbers to the contacts in outlook. He isnt running any other mail programs, just outlook. I have searched his event log and I havent found any errors to help pinpoint the issue. I tested it on my machine and I was able to import the .PAB into contacts with no problems. The machines are the same build. I checked his internet properties to make sure it was using outlook as its email. Right now I am searching blind because I dont know where else to look.