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outlook exchange account 32k rule limit

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  • outlook exchange account 32k rule limit

    We have an exchange 2000 server but have not switched to Exchange Server Accounts yet (still using POP3) because of the rule limitation. People have been using pop3 for a few years now and have 100-150 rules each and i can't possibly convince them to walk through all of them and reorganise them to ~40 rules so exchange would accept them.

    My first thought were to check if server-side rules and client-side rules act the same (as in get copied and stored on the server). It seems no matter what type of rules i use they still get copied to the server and must fit into 32k.

    My second thought was to use a plugin for Outlook to manage rules but i was unable to find any freeware solution that could handle exchange accounts.

    Can anyone help me with this. Either by some way to keep the rules on the local machine or by some third-party plugin for outlook to manage the rules??

    I've been losing my mind over this so help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: outlook exchange account 32k rule limit

    If you can afford to wait for Exchange 2007 that could possibly solve your problem. The 32k limit has been increased.
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