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  • Outlook rules for internal email


    I am trying to setup a rule in outlook that adds a category to any internal emails sent to me, I've tried using from people or distribution list and selecting a distribution list which contains all internal email addresses but it will not pick up the addresses, I've also tried from specified address book and selecting the GAL for the company but that didn't work.

    Has anybody got any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Outlook rules for internal email

    ,,,,am not clear on what you are trying to do -- please clarify


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      Re: Outlook rules for internal email

      Ok Sorry let me try to explain a bit more clearly
      I'm running outlook 2003 with exchange 2003.

      What Iím trying to do is every email that is sent internally in my company I want to add a category to the email, so I setup a rule in outlook, First of all on the Select condition page of the rules wizard I selected ' From People or Distribution List ' and selected a distribution list that contains all of the companies users. I tried using this rules but it didn't work it was not picking up any of the users in that distribution list. So then I changed the condition on the condition page from ' From People or Distribution List ' to 'Sender is in Specified Address Book ' and then selected an address book that contains all the users that have email, but it still didn't work.
      I've tried the ' From People or Distribution List ' and just selected a couple of users and it worked fine, I'm wondering if it is a bug with Outlook or Exchange.
      I have tried it on other peoples Outlook but still get the same results.

      Hope this is a bit clearer for you to understand.

      All the best and thanks for getting back