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Exchange 2000 migration tool encrytps *.pst-files

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  • Exchange 2000 migration tool encrytps *.pst-files

    Dear forum,

    we have problems to migrate from Windows Server 2000 Small Business Edition to Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition concerning Exchange.
    Background: We could not update the Active Directory Connector (error: Server is running). So we work with the old ones and it is ok.
    We did not Upgrade from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003. First, we wanted to make a backup from the mailboxes (*.edb-files). That is already done.
    As second step and for double security we exported with the Exchange 2000 migration tool each mailbox to *.pst-files.

    But this *.pst-files causes this problem: While opening them with Outlook 2000, we are asked for a password. We entered the administrator password, the personal password and we tried it on the concerning server. None password is accepted.

    Does anybody have an idea, how we could fix this problem?

    Thank you for help!


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    PST Error

    i dont understand how did you export to PST files ??

    did you do it in Outlook or Exmerge.exe ??

    if it possible can you do it in "Exmerge.exe "

    when you export the PST did you live a copy on the original server ?
    Noam Greenberg
    If you want yo can conntact me at


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      Re: PST Error

      yes, we exported the mailboxes to *.pst-files with the Exmerge.exe and left the original mailboxes on the server.
      in the case that Exchange 2003 does not work with the "old" mailboxes from Exchange 2000, we want to work with the *.pst-files.
      sorry, I am not an experienced exchange admininstrator!



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        i cant understand why its happend

        but i want you to do an INPORT (EXMERGE.EXE ) to the new exchange 2003 DB and try to connect with a client ok

        create a new user and inport the PST to the USER

        dont forget to add the client to the new domain

        noam greenberg
        Noam Greenberg
        If you want yo can conntact me at


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          we feared "broken" data, so we followed first this hint:


          Next step is to update to Exchange 2003. We will see, if Exchange 2003 work with the "old" mailboxes from Exchange 2000.

          Thank you for support, noam!