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    hello there,
    lately there has been a weird situation in our enviroment when a person from the outside sends mail with attachment to 4 people who work with me.
    3 of them will recieve the attachment and one is getting regulary a winmail.dat file instead of the attachment file.
    from searching the web it seems as if the problem is with the sender rather than the reciever.
    we've changed the user office settings to RTF and to plain text but nothing helps.
    it started happening to some more people here as well.

    all of the users are running microsoft outlook 2000 stn.
    exchange 2003 SP2.

    any ideas?



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    Re: winmail.dat problem

    It appears that there is no fix for when you are recieving emails with this attachment.

    Have a look here as it will show you how to extract the attachments.


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      Re: winmail.dat problem


      we already use this exe file to extract the real files out of the winmail.dat, but I'm trying to find out if there is any solution at all that prevents recieving winmail.dat from the first place and recieving the original file.
      users are stupid, explaining them how to use the exe file to extract the data can be realy frustrating after a while



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        Re: winmail.dat problem

        As i said i don't think there is anything you can do to stop these.

        The only thing i can find is this

        If you are sending winmail.dat files

        Select 'Tools'

        Select 'Options'

        Select the 'Mail Format' tab in the window that appears

        Unde 'Message Format', select 'Plain Text'

        Click the "OK" button.
        By changing the default format of your email, all emails will be sent out as plain text. You can change the format of an individual email by selecting the desired type from the 'Format' menu when composing a new message.

        and this from technet


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          I knew all that.
          thought there might be a final solution to prevent getting winmail.dat from the first place...

          thanks again


          (it was supposed to be as a reply to the winmail.dat topic)
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            Re: 10x

            Threads have been merged.

            Unfortunately it seems that the ways that are shown are the only ways to deal with it.