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  • wrong time zone

    i've been change the clock at work but on one computer i have to change the time zone manually (it was set to +3 not +2), but when i move the time zone one hour back, all the appoitments in the outlook calender moves also, is there is a way i can change the wrong time zone without the meetings goes back???

    please help me!!!

    p.s - because of the wrong time zone the client got the meeting in the wrong time and changed it manually

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    Re: wrong time zone

    Even I faced the same problem with one of the user.
    The only soultion I could find is :

    Set the system time one particular time zone and use 3rd party clock utility to view the time for other zones.

    If you don't want to use any 3rd party clock utilities before changing the time zone export all your appointments etc., to excel format and change the time zone. when you switch back to original time zone again import your appointments etc.,


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      Re: wrong time zone

      You could also add 1 line to the users logon script

      net time %logonserver% /set

      Have you also checked the regional settings for the comp??


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        Re: wrong time zone

        Not sure if this is what is causing the problem but sometimes you find machines are configured to the actual time of daylight saving time rather than the base time with auto DST enabled.

        This can create problems with Outlook calendars.