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send/recive error ...

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  • send/recive error ...


    i just installed exchange 2003 ent with win 2003 standart in my domain

    i have a strange problem with users who run outlook 2003

    they get the follwing error massege when pressing the send\recive icon:

    "task microsoft exchange server reported error (0x8004010f) : the opration faild an object could not be found".

    users who run oulook 2000 do not get this massege.

    anyone have an advice ????



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    I am also having this problem. I've searched a number of forums and noone seems to have the answer...


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      I would say it's to do with the Offline Address book that tries to sync when you do a send\recieve.

      1 of 2 things should fix the problem.

      1st one is most likely.

      a) There is a problem with the GUID, see for fix.

      b) It's a simple permissions issue on the server object.

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        Tha GUID tool has me a little scared / confused.

        It wants me to creat a new site folder... What exactly am I destroying, etc? The Exc error seems to be about the offline address book...


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          Sounds a bit excessive to me!! If its working for Outlook 2000 and not Outlook 2003 it might be worth explorer this from this angle before attempting anything that might change Exchange. The warnings on the KB page are enough to put me off!

          EDIT: Found this on google:

          Exchange System Manager:
          Goto Recipients->Offline Address Lists->Default Offline Address list, right click and select rebuild.

          EDIT2: Many suggestions here:

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            Thats actually the thread I've been working with... I've tried everyone of those suggestions up to page 3 which i'm working on now...

            it happens with outlook xp / 2003 clients as well...