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Use of Symprex AutoArchive Manager

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  • Use of Symprex AutoArchive Manager


    Has anyone managed to use Symprex AutoArchive Manager to automatically autoarchive email?

    I can set the appropriate archive settings through the manager (or using AAConfix). Provided I grant an administrator access to the mail box, log on to the PC as that administrator and run 'autoarchive all folders according to their AutoArchive settings' the emails will be autoarchived.

    My problem is that I need to automate the process (and I don't want to access everyones Email account as an administrator). Ideally I would like Email to be automatically autoarchived according to the autoarchive settings (set through Symprex ....) each time a user logs on. I don't want users to have to mess about in Outlook (or I can see I will be spending more time recovering email from their C drives than anything else!).

    I have contacted Symprex about this but have yet to receive any advice so would appreciate any info that you folks may have on this product.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Use of Symprex AutoArchive Manager

    This is a reply from Symprex Limited to Alison Bell, as we realise this support question was also posted here, and the question is related to Outlook's AutoArchive feature in general:

    Most frequent explanations AutoArchive seeming not to do anything are these:

    * Message Modification Date Determines Archive Date. This article is for Outlook 2000, but is valid for all versions of Outlook, including 2002 and 2003:

    Read carefully. This is the most likely reason that items expected to be archived are not archived during testing. During testing, it's important to look at the modification date of items. When testing, items are often copied from another folder to the folder where archiving is being tested. This will set the modification date to current date/time and the item will not be archived until it's older than the archiving threshold.

    * Items are not archived as expected when you use the Archive or the AutoArchive features in Outlook 2000. This article explains the same information, and again is valid for all Outlook versions:

    * When auto-archive is run automatically by Outlook, additional mailboxes specified for your profile will not be auto-archived. They can only be auto-archived by selecting individual folders within the additional mailboxes and selecting Archive from the File menu. For more information see:

    * There's a potential issue with Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003 (and all earlier Outlook versions as well): The Archiving function stops working in Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003. For more information see:

    Includes links to articles about same problem for earlier versions of Outlook.

    * E-mail retention policies do not work after you apply them in Outlook 2002. Explains issues with using both AutoArchive and retention policies:

    In short, the AutoArchive feature in Outlook does have its complications, but once you have it running it's a cheap and efficient way to archive and will work fine.


    Symprex Support


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      Re: Use of Symprex AutoArchive Manager

      Folks, I have managed to get this working and it looks really useful.

      Basically you install AutoArchive Manager on a non Exchange server, create an outlook profile for a user who has access to everones email account (we have that anyway for ease of administration) on the server. Use the AutoArchive Manager to set the archive path for each user (to whatever you like).

      Turn on Autoarchiving in group policy; set it to run each day; ensure archive or delete is selected (I chose items older than 60 months) - this is the important bit. During testing I also selected the prompt before AutoArchive runs. Apply the group policy to the necessary users.

      I was supplied with AAConfig.exe and advised that this could be used to set the archive path, but I couldn't get it to work at all.

      When they open outlook the user will (at some point) be prompted to allow AutoArchive to run. The Outlook AutoArchive setting in Options, Other, AutoArchive are not used wheen mail is archived - it always archives to the path set in AutoArchive manager.


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        Re: Use of Symprex AutoArchive Manager

        Thanks to Alison for posting the solution to her problem and also to Symprex for posting their piece and the links associated. It is appreciated.
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